Reservoir engineering

Cutting edge technologies

Our Reservoir Engineers are experienced professionals with demonstarted skills in the field development planning process.

From Exploration to Operations they work coloberatively and as required with the client reservoir engineer, geologists, geophysicists and geomodelr to provide insight and with special focus in the process of 3D simulation model building. Our Reservoir Engineers specialize in field development plans, using Dynamic Simulation (NEXUS, VIP, Halliburton-Landmark Software).

Reservoir engineering: Tasks

  1. Our tasks may include, but not limited to:
  • Integrated full-field studies.
  • Black oil and compositional reservoir simulation.
  • Well Test Interpretation.
  • Single Well Modeling.
  • MBAL calculation for Oil & Gas reservoirs.
  • Fluid Properties (PVT) modeling.
  • SCAL data Analysis.