Cutting edge technologies

Our team of geoscientists, that includes Geophysicists, Geologists, Petrophysicists and Geomoldelers, works side by side from the 3D seismic data interpretation for Oil and Gas projects to the development of full-scale geological models of our customer assets.

We have worked with fields in all stages of development, from exploration to mature fields, in secondary or tertiary recovery. The geological characterization of the oil and/or gas reservoir takes in-depth and thorough data interpretation and interdisciplinary collaboration in order to manage the uncertainties and conceptualize the geomodel, and for that we count with a group of dedicated consultants.

Geoscience: Responsabilities

  1. Our typical responsibilities include, but no limited to:
  • 2D/3D Seismic and wells data loading.
  • Create and calibrate Synthetic seismograms using well logs and well velocity data.
  • Interpret 2D and 3D seismic data of complicated structures (Inverted structures, Strike-slip faults and unconformities) using the simple manual interpretation in addition to different seismic attributes and auto picking techniques
  • Statistical seismic auto picking, automate horizon tracking, extensive picking parameter control based on geological complexity, interactive use with 3D interpretation software.
  • Time to depth conversion using different techniques (Linear velocity method, layer cake depth conversion and structural controlled time to depth conversion)
  • Automatic map generation, map editing and well calibration.
  • Determine optimal griding parameters, create surfaces from seismic interpretation and well data, and perform grid operation including simple time to depth conversion, cross section generation, map editing and well calibration.
  • Generation and extraction of computed seismic attributes and Display capability of seismic statistics on the base map and optimize data to show particular features.
  • Using AVO modeling and AVO analysis in gas work and for thickness prediction.
  • Prospects generation and evaluation by analyzing the petroleum system, basin areas, migration pathways and fault seal analysis.
  • Following up development wells drilling, updating geo-seismic section, correlation and depth map update.
  • Following up and witness different types of VSP acquisitions, 3D seismic data acquisition and processing activities associated with projects areas.
  • All the steps between the data import and the hydrocarbon in place computation.
  • Built new 3D reservoir models
  • Update the existing models with new field data.
  • Make different scenarios (multi realizations) for the model cases (high, base, low, stochastic and deterministic).
  • Well planning with different scenarios due to the uncertainty and using the final model output.
  • Core Log Calibration using the core data and core image. QC the model and handed it to Reservoir Engineer after up-scaling (if needed).