Innovative approach through innovative technology.
Field consultancy services and reservoir management.

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About company

We offer considerable experience and expertise in building high-resolution 3D static and dynamic reservoir models. Spider is also provider of the highest quality personnel to support E&P. Also, we are partners with Oilfield Data Services Inc. a petroleum engineering consulting firm.

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Consulting services

Spider Egypt for Petroleum Services offers highly professional services from field of Reservoir management, Geoscience, Reservoir Engineering and others.


Our team of geoscientists, that includes Geophysicists, Geologists, Petrophysicists and Geomoldelers, works side by side from the 3D seismic data interpretation.

Technical consultants

Production engineering

Our consultancy includes well testing, well bore modeling, completion design and evaluation, Work-over, Well Intervention Design and Planning.

Reservoir engineering

Our Reservoir Engineers are experienced professionals with demonstarted skills in the field development planning process.

Data management

Training courses